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Large-Betty Dain Black Avanti Stylist Jacket (Only 4 left in clearance)
Large-Betty Dain Black Avanti Stylist Jacket (Only 4 left in clearance)
Item No: BD-871SALE
$37.95 $27.95
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04.Tamsco Stripping/DeMatting Comb with Wooden Handle
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Resco Medium or Coarse Comb for Dogs and Cats
Item#: RES-PF0080
Weight: 1.00
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Ask a question about the: Resco Medium or Coarse Comb for Dogs and Cats
Resco Comb for Dogs and Cats
Great for long hair dogs. It features an all-new aluminum extrusion contoured handle. The handle is lightweight and strong with a comfort-fit design so it rests perfectly in your hand. The hardened steel, tapered pins are press-fitted into a brass shank to insure a long-lasting comb. The pins and shank are chrome plated for lasting protection and easy cleaning.

The No. 80 series comb is available with either medium or coarse tooth spacing. Medium comb has 35 pins and the Coarse has 25 pins.
• Measures 6" long with 1-1/2" teeth
• Ideally suited for curly and longhaired breeds cats and dogs
• Easy to clean
• Rests perfectly in your hands
• Chrome plated pins and shank
- Use combs for controlling shedding or finishing grooming
- Combing is great for finer haircoats and pets with flea problems
- Combs provide extra attention your pet and his coat are sure to love

Combs help solve pesky problems like shedding and flea infestations while increasing hands-on interaction between you and your pet. Specifically designed for your breed's size and haircoat length, combs aid in removing loose hair kicked up during brushing and give you a chance to check your dog’s coat health regularly. Help get rid of dirt and increase coat health by distributing natural oil through your pet’s hair. Ergonomic design of combs makes grooming as comfortable and enjoyable for you as it is for your pet. Use on cats to cut down on hairballs.

Shedding Combs are for getting loose hair out of your pet's haircoat. Choose one depending on the length of your pet's haircoat. Medium/Coarse Combs are for breeds with medium-length hair or a haircoat that may require a gentle touch. Use a Flea Comb to remove fleas daily and for pets with flea allergies. A flea comb has narrowly spaced teeth to help get mild flea infestations under control. Your dog will love the extra attention he gets as you comb through his coat to check for any unwanted parasites.

Combing guidelines: Comb in the direction of hair growth, combing small sections at a time until the coat is tangle free. When combing your pet, a gentle touch is always the best way to groom, especially on the sides, the belly, under the tail, and the tail itself.

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