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Resco Medium or Coarse Comb for Dogs and Cats
Resco Medium or Coarse Comb for Dogs and Cats
Item No: RES-PF0080
$14.95 $12.50
#1 Sellers more
01.Sophist O Twist - Hair Accessory - No need for pins and grips!
02.ProGroom Extended Lamp Wick and Stone
03.Sophia Redolere Lamp Fragrance
04.Brandt Bariatric Heavy Duty Chrome Foot Stool
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Sophias Redolere Fragrance Lamp Gift Set
Item#: SI-LAMP
Weight: 3.00
As Low As: $28.00
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Lamp Style: 
USPS/UPS/FedEx: Usually ships 1-3 days

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Ask a question about the: Sophias Redolere Fragrance Lamp Gift Set
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Sophia Redolere Lamp Gift Set
Sophia Lamp and Fragrance Gift Set
Elegant Ice Queen
8" H x 4.75" W
Elegant Ice Queen Lamp

Blue Kiss
6" H x 5" W
Blue Kiss Lamp

Clear Crystal Kiss
6" H x 5" W
Clear Kiss Lamp

6" H x 4.75" W
Nightingale Lamp

Deco Revolution
6" H x 4.25" W
Deco Revolution Lamp

Antique Onyx
Black w/Gold Lines
4.25" H x 5.5" W
Antique Onyx Lamp

Starry Night
Blue w/White Specs
4.25" H x 5.5" W
Starry Night Lamp

Silver Metal
Colors: Silver & Black
6.5" H x 4.25" W
Silver Metal Lamp

Suspended Emerald
7" H x 3.5" W
Suspended Emerald Lamp
Large Fuschia Kiss
6" H x 5.5" W
Large Fuschia Kiss Lamp

Peek O Pink
4.25" H x 5.5" W
Peek O Pink Lamp

Green Tulip
6" H x 3.25" W
>Green Tulip Lamp

Tall Ivory Crackle
Ivory W/Gray Cracks
7" H x 3.25" W
Tall Ivory Crackle

Black Bamboo
Black & Green
6" H x 3.25" W
Black Bamboo Lamp
Great for Shops, Stores and Clinics!

10X more powerful than a candle and does it without the flame!

Sophia Gift Set includes: User guide, funnel, standard stone/wick, snuff cap, 16oz fragrance and lamp. Choose your 16 ounce free fragrance above.

The stone: To keep your Sophia Fragrance Lamp perfoming at its best, you should replace the stone every three to six months. See below for wick maintenance.

Standard Wick and Stone

Catalytic combustion
Why does our lamp disperse so good? Why is it safer than a candle? Well, the answer is catalytic combustion. Catalytic combustion is used in industry to consume harmful combustibles. One common known example is the catalytic converter in automobiles.

We have taken the unique properties of these catalysts and used them to create our Sohpia Stone. One of the most amazing properties is the catalyst’s ability to consume a combustible without igniting it. This means that once the flame is blown out it cannot ignite any combustible liquid or gas. What does this mean? It means that if our Sophia Lamp should accidentally be broken, the catalyst is burning at too low a temperature to ignite the fragrance.

Candles have a flame temperature of around 927 degrees Celsius or 1700 degrees Fahrenheit. Our Sophia Stone burns at approximately one fourth the temperature of a candle. So, not only does our Sophia Lamp out perfume any candle it is also much safer.

Check out what our customers are saying:

"I have been buying your lamp oil for two years now. I have found it to be the strongest, longest lasting, and the best smelling lamp oil in the country! I have tried others and I kept going back to Sophia's every time. I could not believe the beauitful smells and the compliments I get on how great my home smells every time a person enters. Weather it be a customer of mine, or a good friend. Even a door to door salesman has commented on how "Great it smells" from my door. I am very finance concious, and have found that you offer the best prices online.

Thank you for this product that I use everyday in my home and business."
- Dawn - Katy, TX

"My wife loves to burn candles, but they never seem to spread their fragrance far. But once we got one of the Sophia Lamps, all I can say is, "Wow!" It really spreads the smell of fragrance everywhere in our home! I am quite pleased, as is my wife. I will be recommending these to all our friends. I wish I had known about these years ago. Before, I had wasted all that money on candles."

- Joseph - Converse, TX

What some of us think here at ProGroom:
Kitti, Sara and Donna like the Gingerbread Spice Cake and the Cream Brulee. Why? Because every time someone comes to their home they always ask us "Are you baking a cake or cookies? It smells so good in your home". We use too purchase candles and incense, but not anymore. There is no way we will go back to candles and/or incense. No way!! We can light up my lamp, blow it out after 2 minutes and the aroma stays in my home for 3 days. No flame, no smoke, just aroma in all rooms. These aroma lamps are absolutely amazing.

Maxine likes the Cream Brulee and Gingerbread Spice Cake because her home always smells like she's baking cookies. She also likes the Cashmere.

Steve and Vonnie likes the Mediterranean Fig, Sweet Pea, Vanilla, Oriental Spice and Gingerbread Spice Cake.

Why does our lamp disperse so well?
Why is it safer than a candle?

Well, the answer is catalytic combustion. Catalytic combustion is used in industry to consume harmful combustibles. One common known example is the catalytic converter in automobiles. We have taken the unique properties of these catalysts and used them to create our Sophia stone. One of the most amazing properties is the catalyst's ability to consume a combustible without igniting it. This means that once the flame is blown out, it cannot ignite any combustible liquid or gas. What does this mean?  It means that if out Sophia Lamp accidentally be broken, the catalyst is burning at too low a temperature to ignite the fragrance.

Candles have a flame temperature of around  1700 degrees F. The stone burns at approximately one fourth the temperature of a candle. So, not only does our Sophia Lamp out perfume any candle, it is also much safer.

Setting Up Your Sophia Lamp

Parts Description
There are four basic parts to the Sophia Lamp:
1.  Decorative container
2.  Open-air cap; used to cover stone while it is dispersing fragrance
3.  Solid cap; used to cover stone to extinguish it and while not in use
5.  Stone/Wick

On the first use of the Sophia Lamp, you will need to take the decorative container and remove the solid cap. Pour you Sophia's lamp fragrance into the decorative container and do not fill more than 1/2 with fragrance. Over filling will cause poor performance and may even cause the stone to stop dispersing.

After putting in Sophia's Lamp Fragrance, place the stone/wick into the decorative container. Now place the solid cap on the lamp. The wick now needs time to wick-up. This will take about 15 to 20 minutes. If you do not intend to use your lamp right away, then place the open air cap over the solid cap. This is the way you should keep your Sophia Lamp when not in use.

Once the stone/wick has had time to wick-up make sure both caps are removed. CAUTION: When lighting lamp, make sure you place it away from any combustible materials. Place it on a table with nothing close to it or above it. Never leave flame unattended. Take a butane lighter or match and light the stone. Hold the flame of the butane lighter to the stone until you see that the stone is producing a flame. Once the flame starts, let it burn for two to three minutes. You should notice a flame of 5 to 6 inches at the beginning. As the catalytic function of the stone begins to work the flame will get smaller.

After 2 to 3 minutes has passed or the flame is much smaller, blow out the flame. Now place only the open-air cap over the stone/wick. Your Sophia Fragrance Lamp is now dispersing fragrance. Remember that the Lamp works after the flame is extinguished. The flame is to heat the stone and needs to be blown out after 2-3 minutes.

The extended burner should last one to four weeks or approximately 250 lightings. Depends on how much you burn it.

Once in a while you will come across a stubborn burner that will not stay lit or hot after the flame is extinguished or it becomes clogged or blackened at the top.

For a New Burner:
Remove the wick assembly from the lamp.
Submerge the head of the wick in alcohol for two minutes to clean the head.
Then place it on paper towels to let it dry out completely.
This will usually take about 24 hours.
Go through the new burner process again by allowing the wick to soak for 20-30 minutes before lighting.

If the burner is old, it probably needs to be replaced.
You can prolong the life of your burner by periodically burning approximately 2-3 oz. of 91% -99% isopropyl alcohol through your lamp just as you would fragrance, this helps clean your wick.

You can change fragrances by letting the wick dry on a paper towel. It is okay to go from fragrance to fragrance without drying the wick; the fragrance will blend until the fuel in the wick is used. It is also okay to mix fragrances. You may create your own favorite scent this way.

Dispersing Fragrances
In the dispersing mode, the Sophia lamp will disperse fragrance with no flame. You will notice heat. This is the catalytic action at work. The temperature of the stone will reach around 400 degrees F.  For this reason, we recommend that you place your Sophia lamp out of reach of children and pets. The open air cap will get hot to the touch, but not so hot that you can't remove it.

One ounce of Sophia's Lamp Fragrance will disperse for more than one hour. The Sophia Fragrance Lamp works so well that it can completely fragrance a normal size room in 35-40 minutes. You will notice placement of the Sophia lamp will have a lot to do with how well it covers an area. Air flow in homes is usually dictated by the type and placement of the central air unit. So, you might have to experiment with different placements of your Sophia lamp to get the coverage you desire.

Sophia fragrance lamps work so well you will still smell the fragrance after the lamp has been put out.  The chemical make up of each fragrance and essential oil will dictate how long it lingers. Some can actually be noticed when reentering your home.

When you are ready to stop the Sophia lamp from dispersing fragrance, just remove the open air cap (caution, use a napkin or cloth if it is too hot) and place the solid cap over the stone/wick. Then place the open-air cap over the top of the solid cap. Always keep the solid cap on when not in use. This will help keep any remaining fragrance oil from evaporating.

Changing Fragrances
Make sure you Sophia Fragrance Lamp is extinguished by capping with solid cap for at least 30 minutes. This will allow it to cool completely.

First, remove the stone/wick by picking up on the small collar. Lay it on a paper towel and let it dry our for 30-40 minutes. This will help keep the two fragrances from blending. Make sure there is no remaining oil in the lamp. If there is, use a funnel to pour it back into its original bottle. Now you are ready to put in your new Sophia's Lamp Fragrance.

Routine Care and Maintenance

Because the Sophia Fragrance Lamp is so good at dispersing fragrance, it can build up residue on the glass and metal pieces. It is good to periodically clean these pieces with mild detergent. NEVER TRY TO CLEAN THE STONE OR WICK.

We also recommend a stone burnout once a week. A stone burnout is accomplished by letting the lamp burn until all of the fragrance is consumed. All that is needed is one ounce or less fragrance in the lamp. Once the stone is completely wet, light the stone for two to three minutes. After two to three minutes blow the flame out. Now put the open air cap on and let the lamp perfume until it is completely empty. The lamp will go out on its own once it is empty. By doing this you are burning off any old deposits of oil. This can prolong the life of your stone.

Symptoms and Solutions

Symptom: stone won't take a flame
Solution: There are only two reason a stone would not take a flame. First would be that the fluid has knot has enough time to completely wet the stone. You must wait between 15 and 20 minutes before lighting, Second would be that the stone is over wicked. Over wicked means that the stone has been wet and exposed to air for too long. When the lamp is not in use and there is oil in the lamp, the solid can has to be covering the stone. If it is not, heavy oils will begin to build up. These oils will be gathered on the outside surface of the stone. If you are persistent with holding the flame to the stone, it will eventually take the flame.

Another solution would be to take the stone/wick out and soak it for ten minutes in a cup of Sophia's fragrance. This will break down the heavy oils and allow it to light again. After ten minutes of soak time, re-install it in the lamp and follow your normal lighting procedures. Also, you might want to perform a stone burnout. This will help clean out all of the heavy oils in the stone.

Symptom: won't stay hot; stops dispersing and goes cold; turns black
Solution: First, we must point out that the only way the stone can disperse fragrance is without a flame. No fragrance can be emitted with the flame burning. Make sure you have read all of the directions thoroughly. If following the directions does not get the lamp going try reducing the fluid level. These lamps should never be filled past half full. Try putting just one ounce in the lamp and restarting it. This should get the lamp to function. Now just let it do a complete burnout. When you go to refill the lamp try using only four to five ounces at a time. You might want to use a measuring cup.
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 ProGroom Extended Lamp Wick and Stone   ProGroom Extended Lamp Wick and Stone   PG-WS  $7.99 Buy Now 
 Sophia Redolere Lamp Fragrance   Sophia Redolere Lamp Fragrance   SI-FRA  $8.95 Buy Now 
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