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XL-Betty Dain White Elegante Stylist Jacket (Only 2 left in Clearance)
XL-Betty Dain White Elegante Stylist Jacket (Only 2 left in Clearance)
Item No: BD-31SALE
$29.95 $23.95
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01.Groomers Best 48" Walk-Thru Pet Tub w/Pull Out Ramp, Door, Faucet, Grate, Bottle Holder. Package Deal!
02.Groomers Best 48" Walk-Thru Pet Tub w/Clip-On Ramp, Faucet Kit, Door, Bottle Holder & Grate. Package Deal!
03.Groomers Best 58" Walk-Thru w/Clip-On Ramp, Faucet Kit, Door, Bottle Holder, Grate. Package Deal!
04.Groomers Best 48" Standard Pet Tub w/Faucet Kit, Bottle Holder & Hinged Grate. Package Deal!
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Groomers Best 48" Walk-Thru Tub w/Ramp, Faucet Kit, Grate, Bottle Holder, 42" Electric Table & 5 Unit Cage Bank
Item#: GB-771991
Weight: 585.00
As Low As: $5,199.00
Available Options:

Tub Water Ports: 
Drain Location: 
Tub Ramp Location: 
Raised Floor Grate: 

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Ask a question about the: Groomers Best 48" Walk-Thru Tub w/Ramp, Faucet Kit, Grate, Bottle Holder, 42" Electric Table & 5 Unit Cage Bank
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Groomers Best 48" Walk-thru Tub, 42" Electric Table, Cage Bank & Accessories
Includes 48" Bathing Station: (Small to Large Animals)
Just hook up to your plumbing and start bathing. The walk through bathing system is designed with a non slip pull out ramp which makes transporting animals into the tub much easier on groomers and pets. Made of 20 gauge 304 stainless steel for durability, and will never rust! Strong, durable and versatile. High back and sides protect against splashed and shaken water. The bathing system will need some assembling. Attach the legs (if you prefer to use them, some shops build a cabinet and set the bath atop of the cabinet) and install the plumbing kit. The tub will have 3 port holes so you can use a 4" faucet or an 8" faucet. It comes with a stainless still plugs that matches the tub stainless so you can plug the port hole that is not being used.

- Weight Limit: Holds dogs up to 250 LBS
- Inside Measurements: 24" Depth x 48" W x 51" H
- Outside Measurements: 26" Depth x 49-1/2" W x 57-1/2" H x 15"H Tub Area
- Hooks: 2 animal restraint eyelets
- Ramp Size: 12"W X 36"L (sticks out approximately 29 inches from tub)
- Leg Length: 20", Full Backsplash Length: 37-1/2"
- Walk-through Opening: 13" W x 10" H
- Port Location Length: 39" H (from the floor to the water ports)
- Port Holes: 1-1/8" port holes, 4" & 8" on centers, Drain Hole: 3-1/2"
- Base: Sturdy base with floor levelers
- One year manufacturers warranty
Dog Sink

View HTML Tub Measurements

Tub Measurements in PDF Format PDF Format
Includes Slide Door:
13" x 10" - Fits securely in walk thru bathing station opening. Slides up and down for easy usage.
Includes Faucet Kit:
Faucet, hose, sprayer, hair trap, drain and vacuum breaker. Quality Self Installation Kit. Eliminate the need to purchase plumbing parts for your Groomers Best pet tub! Plumbing kit is designed specifically for all Groomers Best Pet Tubs. All you will need to do is hook your plumbing to the Groomers Best Plumbing Kit and your ready to go. The heavy duty coiled hose is 3/8" thick is about a foot long and stretches to 9 feet. The straight nozzle releases a jet spray. The lever can be held down or hooked down so you don't have to hold it down yourself. When you release the lever, the water flow shuts off completely. So there is no need to turn water off.

- 4" on center 2 handle chrome faucet
- 9 feet long x 3/8" thick polyurethane heavy duty coiled hose
- Full spray head with with on/off flow control button
- 3/4" Garden Hose female thread connection
- Full spray head with hold down comfortable lever - Shuts off completely when not in use
- Vacuum Breaker
- Maximum flow 2.5 gallons per minute
- Drain & Strainer: 3-1/2" chrome drain with "spin-n-lock" strainer/hair trap
- Simply twist the knob on the drain to fill tub or drain the water
- Regular P-Trap

Faucet Kit Specifications  PDF - View Faucet Kit Specifications/Diagram

Includes Hinged Grate:
Provides a raised flooring to keep dogs' feet out of the shampoo suds, water and debris. The hinged grate makes it so easy to clean out your drain. Hinged in the middle and one side lifts up. Much more convenient to keep your drain free of hair and debris.

• Made of heavy duty high density polyethylene plastic & will not rust
• Dimensions: 3" H x 23" W x 47" L
• Holes: 3/4" Square
• Provides a raised floor to keep animals paws off the bottom of the tub
• Hinged for easy drain cleaning

Includes Small Raised Grate: 
Make it easier for yourself to bathe small dogs. No more bending over to bathe smaller animals when using the raised floor grate. Provides a extra raised flooring to keep dogs' feet out of the shampoo suds, water and debris. This floor grate will also fit on top of the large floor grate for additional height.

• Made of heavy duty high density polyethylene plastic & will not rust
• Dimensions: 8" H x 24" Front to Back x 24" W
• Holes: 3/4" Square

Includes Bottle Holder:
Solid 20 gauge 304 stainless steel. Holds four 32 ounce bottles. Keep your shampoos and conditioners within reach. Bottle holder can be seated on top or bottom of tub.
Includes 42" Electric Table:
Table is designed for Pet Groomers and Veterinarians. Foot pedal included on both sides of the table for ease of operation. Also has a textured sealant that is non-slip and easy to clean. For the groomers convenience and designed by Groomers, this table contains a slot in the corner on both sides of the table top to hold your shears. The table also has contains a clipper blade holding system on both sides of the table. This table is designed for any budget and are maintenance-free...just plug it in and begin your classy grooming experience.

Construction: Attractive powder coat finish in charcoal grey w/stainless side panels
Top: Steel reinforced for maximum strength and durability for your grooming arms.
Top Texture: Textured sealant that is non-slip and easy-to-clean.
Size: 24"D (front to back) X 42"W
Weight Limit: Recommended maximum load 300 pounds
Adjustable height: 20" to 40"
• 2 Clipper Blade Holders for 5 Blades
• 2 Scissor Slots
Feet: Floor levelers and casters
  42" Electric Table

Electric Table Foot Pedal
Includes Add-A-Trap:
The Add-a-Trap trap catcher saves time, money and worry by providing easy access to clogs and foreign objects. Environmentally friendly! May eliminate the need for harsh drain clearing chemicals.

This trap catcher will save you time and money because it eliminates the need for a plumber to come over and clear drains. Second, this trap catcher is environmentally friendly. Did you know that (according to Simmons Market Research Bureau's Statistics report) approximately 35 million gallons of drain cleaner go into our water systems from residential homes each year? By using this great trap catcher, you will totally eliminate the need for harsh drain clearing chemicals. Not only does this help our delicate environment, it also reduces the likelihood of an accidental poisoning.
• No more costly plumbers or repairs
• No more losing valuables down the drain
• Environmentally friendly - eliminates the need for harsh drain clearing chemicals
• Clear drains in seconds
• Quick and easy installation
• Universal: fits 1-1/4" & 1-1/2" pipes
Includes 5 Unit Cage Bank:
Fully assembled 20 gauge stainless steel cage bank on wheels includes 5 units, polyethylene floor grates, and has a unique waste drainage design that makes clean up easy!

Each unit has a polyethylene (hard plastic) floor grate over a slanted floor which allows dog waste to flow down a channel in the back of the unit into a plastic waste container at the bottom front of the cage. Waste will wash down into the 5 gallon waste drawer. Simply hose each cage and empty one waste container!

Wheels are attached to the cage bank. The wheels measure 2" high, swivel, and weigh 80 lbs. Wheels are made of a gray rubber and are can be removed from the cage bank if you prefer not to use them.

Overall dimension: 58"W x 62"H x 25"D
Top row of three cages: 19"W x 22"H x 25"D
Bottom row of two cages: 29"W x 30"H x 25"D
• Front wheels are lockable
• Four 2" swivel wheels
• Floor grates for each cage
• One divider for bottom cage to convert to 1 extremely large cage

Note on Water Ports: If you choose the Center Back Wall Water Ports, the faucet will be offset to the right or left if using a 4" on center faucet. The tub will have 3 port holes exactly centered on the back wall for a 4" or 8" on center faucet. If you use a 8" on center faucet then the faucet will be centered because you will be using the outer 2 port holes. If you use a 4" on center faucet then you will be using the 2 right or left port holes.
Floor Grate Cose Up
Cage Close Up
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 Groomers Best Rotating Flip-Top Swing Arm   Groomers Best Rotating Flip-Top Swing Arm   GB-180SA  $179.00 Buy Now 
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