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XS-Stylist Wear Pants, Crinkle Blue (1 left in clearance)
XS-Stylist Wear Pants, Crinkle Blue (1 left in clearance)
Item No: SW-PRO-1129
$26.95 $14.00
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01.Coat Handler Skin Works for Dry Skin, Hot Spots, Clipper Burns
02.Bark2Basics Oatmeal Anti-Itch Pet Shampoo-Gal
03.Bark2Basics Sensi-Skin Hypo-Allergenic Shampoo-16:1
04.PPP AfterBath Spray Conditioner, Detangler
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Coat Handler Skin Works for Dry Skin, Hot Spots, Clipper Burns
Item#: CH-206
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Ask a question about the: Coat Handler Skin Works for Dry Skin, Hot Spots, Clipper Burns
Coat Handler Skin Works Miracle Cream 5 stars
A non-greasy, orderless must have product for everyone!!

The Skin Works is a non-greasy modern miracle cream that assists in soothing & healing inflamed areas, softening calluses, calms inflammation and moisturizing dry skin. Can be used on pets skin and your skin. Soothes dry elbows, cracked hands and dried out feet.

Truly a modern miracle. Great for hot spots, clipper burns, dry skin, healing sores, irritated skin on animals and people!! Absolutely not greasy, no smell, drys quickly and is an amazing and must have for around the home, camping, hunting, water sports, construction offices, grooming shops, ANYWHERE!

Skin Works is a greaseless, fragrance-free cream that heals "hot spots," clipper burns, irritations, dry scaly cracked hands, insect bites and helps with yeast infections. Contains no steroids and is non-toxic. Safe for dogs and horses.

It soothes pain, reduces swelling and inflammation, softens callouses, and moisturizes dry skin. Great to heal dermatitis, eczema, scratches, minor bites, rashes from grooming, and hot spots. Aids in stopping itching.

Will not leave oily spot on hair or skin. Groomers, try this on your own battle scars!

- Fights bacteria and Softens callouses
- Moisturizes animal paw pads, noses or dry skin
- Moisturizes dry, cracked skin on people
- Non-greasy
- Non-toxic
- Contains no steroids and calms inflammation
- Greaseless and Fragrance-free
- Moisturizes dry skin
- Soothes pain, irritations and burns
- Heals "Hot Spots" and "Clipper Burns"
Ingredients: Hydrolyzed wheat protein, palm conditioner, panthenol, benzoin tree preservative, water
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