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Romani Force Drying Instructional DVD
Romani Force Drying Instructional DVD
Item No: MDC-FDV
$19.00 $3.00
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01.BathMaster 6Ft Blue Heavy Duty Hose For Inlet, Outlet Water
02.T&S Lightweight Sprayer & Coiled Hose for Home/Business
03.T&S Wall Hook for T&S Faucet Sprayers
04.Groomers Best Coiled Hose, Sprayer
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T&S Lightweight Sprayer & Coiled Hose for Home/Business
Item#: TS-PG35AVCH
Weight: 3.00
Retail: $193.00As Low As: $225.00  
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Ask a question about the: T&S Lightweight Sprayer & Coiled Hose for Home/Business
T&S Brass Lightweight Aluminum Sprayer with Coiled Hose for Home or Business Use
Lightweight for easy, all-day use
The heavy duty coiled hose will not harm animals while bathing. T&S Brass delivers the finest in craftsmanship and service. This unit is constructed from the finest materials, carefully inspected and undergo rigorous testing to ensure their durability and quality.

Professional Spray Hoses save time & money with a more powerful, concentrated stream of water. Features angled spray valves and one-hand operation with slip rings. Coiled Sprayer has heavy - duty polyurethane hose with maximum stretch length of 9 feet.

This sprayer can be used for home use. Use in your kitchen, bathroom or outdoors. Can be hooked up to a kitchen faucet, bathroom faucet, wash tub or outdoor faucet. You will need to know the size of you faucet end to be able to choose the correct faucet type option above.
- Lightweight for easy, all-day use
- Coiled polyurethane hose which stretches up to 9 foot
- Rubber Grip with slip ring to keep water flowing
- Does not have different settings on the spray nozzle
View or print Specifications (This link will open a new window)
Inlets Explained: (NPT means National Pipe Threads)
You have a 1/2" male inlet. You will choose adapter option 1/2" female garden hose inlet PG-35AV-CH01 or 1/2" NPT female inlet PG-35AV-CH03.
You have a 3/4" male inlet w/14 threads per inch. You will choose adapter option 3/4" x 14 female inlet PG-35AV-CH05.
You have a 3/8" male inlet. Choose adapter option 3/8" NPT female inlet PG-35AV-CH02.
Adapter options are available for converting the sprayer hose end to your faucet type.
Hose and Sprayer connected to a faucet (Example Only)
T&S Faucet Hose and Sprayer Hookup to Faucet
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