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Betty Dain Navy Comfort Wrap (Only 3 left in stock)
Betty Dain Navy Comfort Wrap (Only 3 left in stock)
Item No: BD-230999SALE
$16.99 $14.50
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01.Vac-Groom Universal Hose and Clipper Attachment (Complete Set)
02.Vac-Groom Universal Clipper Attachment Head & Band Replacement
03.Vac-Groom Square Clipper Attachment Head Replacement (Head Only)
04.Vac-Groom Universal Rubber Band Replacement (Band Only)
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Vac-Groom Universal Hose and Clipper Attachment (Complete Set)
Item#: VG-300UHA
Weight: 1.00
As Low As: $74.50
USPS/UPS/FedEx: Usually ships 1-2 days

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Ask a question about the: Vac-Groom Universal Hose and Clipper Attachment (Complete Set)
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Vac-Groom Universal Hose and Clipper Attachment for Shop Vacs and Vacs
A Vacuum Attachment That Every Groomer Can Afford!

A Vacuum Attachment That every Groomer can not only afford, But can't afford to be without. The NEW clipper attachment will now fit all clippers, square or round. Have a lever on the side of your clipper? Well, the attachment will fit that clipper too! Fits round or square shaped brands (Andis, Oster, Wahl, Laube). Will NOT fit the slim style clippers (mini clippers).

"Clipper Vacuuming Does NOT need to be Expensive"

The clipper attachment now has a thick wide rubber band that fits all clippers. Every once in a while a tool comes along that makes you wonder how you ever managed to get by without it. But what good is it if you can't afford to buy it. That's why we developed Vac-groom. Vac-groom is a light weight Clipper Vacuum Attachment that fits most clippers, designed to attach to your shop-vac, dryer/vac or vacuum. This eliminates the need to buy expensive systems that include vacuum's that most shops already have. Thus giving you all the benefits for just a fraction of the cost.

The first thing you learn as a professional groomer is that time is money! The next thing you learn is that there are usually not enough hours in the day. So to survive in today's competitive market you need every advantage possible. The Vac-Groom attachment was developed in our own grooming shop and has been in continuous use by our groomers since 1995. No screws, no glues! Once your groomers use it, they won't let you take it away. We decided NOT to add things like swivels and quick connects for a couple of reasons. We did not want to add weight or reduce flexibility of our attachment with components that sound good on paper but truly do little to add benefit to the System. NO MORE FINE HAIRS TO BREATH IN!!

Mobile Groomers
Vac-Groom is ideal for any Mobile Grooming Unit, Why spend big $$ for big names and a duplicate system when Vac-Groom will do exactly the same job with the vacuum cleaner that you already have on-board.

Veterinary Surgery Prep-Kit
Vac-Groom makes preparing for surgery a faster, cleaner more efficient process.

Clipper Attachment: Fits Most Shaped Brands (Andis, Oster, Wahl, Laube) (not mini slim style clippers)

Vac-Groom is a light weight attachment for your clippers. "Absolutely All the benefits of the expensive systems at a fraction of the cost!"

Your Vac-Groom vacuum attachment will soon become a vital part of your equipment team. Pops On/Off easily, No permanent mounting. Connects to YOUR Vacuum Source Brands. Vac-Groom is the lightest, easiest to use vacuum attachment available today. Works well with all the Major Clippers. Vac-Groom works well with all the standard attachments.

"Best Of all Vac-Groom Pays For itself in Weeks not Years!"

- Hose: 3/4" Round x 10 Foot Long, Crushproof, Lightweight Flex Hose
- Attachment Weighs 1 ounce
- Reduces Grooming Time and Cleaning Time
- No more fine hairs to breathe in
- Helps Control Fleas
- Connects To Your Vac
- Quick hose disconnect
- Easy Pop-on/Pop-off
- Durable Molded Plastic and wide heavy stretch rubber band
- Keeps Blades Cool
- Does not have a regulator to control airflow

Hose, Square Clipper Attachment, Universal Clipper Attachment with 2 wide stretch bands and instructions.

Easily Build a Network of Stations with Over the Counter Materials

The video below will show you how to install the clipper heads on your clipper properly. Shows the universal and square clipper heads.
 Click here to view installation information. View Dryer Manual
 Click here to view grooming tips. View Dryer Manual


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