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Pet Bathing Tubs for Everyone! Several sizes, makes and models to choose from.

Petlift Dog Bather

Petlift Dog Bathing Systems

The Aqua Quest bathing system has been redesigned. A total Stainless steel tub. Fabricated of heavy 16 gauge 304 Stainless steel. Telescoping pull-out ramp for easy convenience. Sliding hide-a-way door for complete view. Sliding entry door allows for complete view. Accommodates breeds up to 300 lbs. Plumbing on right or left side. The only accessories that are included is the ramp, restraint eyelet hooks, drain basket strainer and adjustable feet. If you choose left water ports, the door and ramp will be on the right. If you choose right water ports, the door and ramp will be on the left. Front and back sides are bent to shape (no welding). The 2 sides are fully welded.

48" Pet Tub
48" Pet Tub with 4" on Center Faucet, Door, Grate, Bottle Holder, Hair Trap
58" Pet Tub
58" Pet Tub with 4" on Center Faucet, Door, Grate, Bottle Holder, Hair Trap
58" Pet Tub with 8" on Center Faucet, Door, Grate, Bottle Holder, Hair Trap
Petlift Walk In Bathing Tub

Petlift 58" Walk-In Pet Tub (Item#: PL-M2006-58)

16-gauge heavy duty stainless steel. Ideal for bathing very, very large dogs, dogs with arthritis or elderly dogs. Just 12" off the floor! This can bring ease to you and the pet. The pet can walk right in without resistance. Furnished with tie downs and adjustable legs. More economical than built-in showers. The seams are spot welded and caulked.
Groomers Best Walk-thru Dog Sinks

Groomers Best Pet Tub

18 gauge 304 stainless steel. The walk through design made with a pull out, push in ramp system making transporting animals into the tub much easier on groomers and pets. The ramp pushes straight back under the tub giving you completely free front space to work in and when needed, pull the ramp straight out. The tub will have 3 port holes so you can use a 4" faucet or an 8" faucet. It comes with stainless still plugs that matches the tub stainless so you can plug the port hole that is not being used. Strong, durable and versatile. High back and sides protect against splashed and shaken water.

36" Pet Tub with Door
36" Pet Tub with Door, Ramp, Faucet Kit, Floor Grate, Bottle Holder
48" Pet Tub
48 " Pet Tub with Door, Ramp, Faucet Kit, Floor Grate, Bottle Holder
58" Pet Tub
58 " Pet Tub with Door, Ramp, Faucet Kit, Floor Grate, Bottle Holder
Poly Pet Tubs

Poly Pet Tubs

Professional quality tubs that offer an innovative, attractive, practical alternative to stainless steel or other materials. Includes tub, ramp, door, faucet/plumbing kit, levelers, floor mat, tub legs and restraint bars.

Excellent resistance to most chemicals, including chlorine bleach, ammonia, alcohol, and most acids. Molecular makeup of material makes surfaces even easier to rinse off. Resists scum/bacteria buildup, as practically nothing sticks well to it. All joints are fully welded and watertight, so no caulking is used. Joints are as strong as the material itself.
Groomers Best Inline Pet Tub

Edemco Pet Tub

The finest quality powder coated steel at the most affordable price. The F665000PC bathing system built by Edemco is made with large breeds in mind. The access door lifts to open while the loading ramp easily pushes under tub for storage. No other bathing system offers the same quality and affordability.

Electrostatically coated 16 gauge galvanized steel. Includes ramp, tub floor mat and toy breed raised rack with mat. Small dog rack stores under tub when not in use.


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