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Edemco Dryer Elbow Nozzle-R167
Edemco Dryer Elbow Nozzle-R167
Item No: ED-R167
$24.00 $18.00
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01.Sophia Redolere Lamp Fragrance
02.Sophist O Twist-White Hair Accessory-No need for pins and grips!
03.Coat Handler Skin Works for Dry Skin, Hot Spots, Clipper Burns
04.Fragrance Lamp Extended Wick & Stone
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Fragrance Lamp Extended Wick & Stone
Item#: PG-WS
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Ask a question about the: Fragrance Lamp Extended Wick & Stone
ProGroom Lamp Wick and Stone
Redolere stone featuring our exclusive catalytic process.

Invented in France, fragrance lamps were once used to purify the air in medical facilities. For over 100 years fragrance lamps have been in use, but not as we know them today. Serving the same purpose long ago, fragrance lamps purified only using alcohol. Today, it is possible to add a bit of your favorite scent to not only clean the air, but sweeten it too. Healthier than candles, fragrance lamps do not release soot or allergy causing particles. They can be lit for a short amount of time, just until the stone becomes hot, and then blown out. The heat from the stone alone emits the fragrance into the air. There are many varietys of fragrance available to suit all tastes. But these lamps do require special attention at times. Sometimes the wick becomes clogged with fragrance and may need to be cleaned. See below for cleaning instructions.

We have taken the unique properties of these catalysts and used them to create our ProGroom Stone. One of the most amazing properties is the catalyst’s ability to consume a combustible without igniting it. This means that once the flame is blown out it cannot ignite any combustible liquid or gas. What does this mean? It means that if our Redolere Lamp should accidentally be broken, the catalyst is burning at too low a temperature to ignite the fragrance. Candles have a flame temperature of around 927 degrees Celsius or 1700 degrees Fahrenheit. Our ProGroom Stone burns at approximately one fourth the temperature of a candle. So, not only does our Redolere Lamp out perfume any candle, it is also much safer.

Extended Life Large Wick and Stone:
- Easy to replace
- Lasts six to nine months if the wick and stone is taken care of as per instructions.

This extended life wick is made of two pieces of stone, which significantly increases the longevity of the wick. Buy one of these and you will not need to replace your wick as often. The extended life wicks are usable in any standard, regular size catalytic fragrance lamp or effusion lamp. Not for use in mini fragrance lamps. The stone measures approximately .75" in diameter and the entire wick is approximately 6" in length.

Fragrance Lamp Healthy Wick Stone Tips


A simple method for keeping your wick stones clean and healthy that also eliminates the waiting time before you can light a lamp from 20 minutes to zero!

1. Buy a small Tupperware, Rubbermaid or a Jar type container with a lid that seals tight. (IMPORTANT: it must have a lid with a tight seal.)

2. Buy some isopropyl alcohol (at least 91% concentration … anything less than 91% will not work!)

(never ever separate the ceramic stone from the cotton wick)

3. Put your wick stone assembly into the container and fill it up with the isopropyl alcohol. Put the lid on tight so the alcohol does not evaporate. (we keep 3 wick stones for each lamp and use them in rotation)

4. The isopropyl alcohol will slowly soak out the carbon deposits in your wick stones that eventually clog them up. (Depending on how clogged up you wick stone is it might take several days.) Over time the alcohol will turn from clear to the color of weak tea as it soaks out the carbon deposits. Replace with fresh alcohol as needed.

When you want to burn your lamp,
1. Remove the Wick Stone currently in the lamp left over from the last use.

2. Fill the lamp with fragrance lamp oil (no more than 2/3 full). Its best to only put in as much lamp oil as you plan to burn at this time.

3. Remove a wick stone that has been soaking in the small container of alcohol and put it into your lamp. (do not wash out or dry)
4. You can now immediately light the lamp (no need to wait for 20 minutes) and follow the normal instructions. (use a lighter that has a long front, keeping your hand away from the flame)

5. Put the Wick Stone that you took out of the lamp, in the first step, into the sealed container filled with isopropyl alcohol so it will be soaking and ready to use the next time you want to burn your lamp. Do not throw away your wick and stones. Keep rotating them from your lamp to the alcohol soaking solution.

Once the wick and stones will no longer light the first time, we usually put the dry ones in a baggie and put back for 3-6 months, then we will bring them back out and soak in alcohol again and try them one more time in our lamp. Sometimes they light and sometimes they don't. If they don't light we then throw them away.

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