Happy Hoodie Singles for Dogs and Cats

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Happy Hoodie Singles for Dogs and Cats
In stock
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The Happy Hoodie is a soft, expandable, lightweight, safe, comfortable band that is placed over a pet’s ears to provide relief and protection from the loud noise and high-pressured air associated with force drying and/or vacuuming. The Happy Hoodie calms your pet while force drying! Perfect for calming and protecting pets during the force drying process. Unlike cotton balls, pets cannot shake the Hoodie off and usually don't try to remove it

Large Hoodie:  fits most dog breeds, small, medium and large size.
Small Hoodie:  fits most small breeds such as a Yorkie and toy breeds and cats.

When force drying an animal, often pets can be scared, upset and disagreeable with the deafening noise and high pressured air associated with the process. The Happy Hoodie muffles the painfully loud noise and keeps the high-pressured air from getting into their ears.

The Happy Hoodie has an almost immediate calming effect which greatly improves behavior! A calmer pet makes for a safer environment and saves us A LOT of time and frustration with the drying process.

You will also notice that pets welcome the use of the Happy Hoodie and don’t try to remove it, unlike the cotton balls that they shake out of their ears. It only takes a few seconds to put on and what a HUGE difference it makes!

The Happy Hoodie has many uses for pets at home too! All pets differ in their sensitivity to noise. Many of our pets are frightened by the sound of the vacuum or become terror stricken and run away at the sound of thunder, fireworks, and gunfire. The Happy Hoodie can help to calm your pet in these situations and many others in the home.

Many of our pets have long ears that are constantly in their food and water bowl which is just as uncomfortable for the pet as it is for the owner who has to clean up the mess. The Happy Hoodie is great for holding the ears up and out of the way! Some pets have chronic ear infections or constant damp and itchy ear canals. The Happy Hoodie can keep the ears up, leaving the ear canal exposed for aeration.

The calming effect of Happy Hoodie has even been helpful for getting nails trimmed on disagreeable pets. It never ceases to amaze us how creative people are and how effective Happy Hoodie is!

- Helps protect an animal’s hearing
- Calms upset, disagreeable pets
- Contributes to the safety of both the pet and the groomer or owner
- Requires minimal time, effort, and cost to use
- Saves valuable time in the grooming shop
- Is fully washable and can last through hundreds of uses
- Comes in 2 sizes to accommodate most dog breeds, as well as cats
- Ideal for both the grooming shop and at home

Instructions for use:
Simply place the Happy Hoodie over the pet's head and onto it’s neck (see video for use during drying). Place the ears against the pet's head so air cannot get into them and slide the band back over the top of the head to secure the ears in place. Adjust the width of the band to best fit the pet by folding over excess material once the band is on. Remove the Happy Hoodie to dry the head, ears, and face. We recommend removing the force dryer nozzle when drying the head, ears, and face to keep the drying experience pleasant for the pet.

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