Edemco Dryers/Tables Maintenance


This information is not strict scientific definition but is easier to understand.

Cubic Feet per Minute. In this case the amount of air the motor puts out every minute measured in Cubic Feet.

Electrical current that passes through the wiring.

The Electrical Force required to make the motor operate at its best performance.

The power output of the motor or motors. To get this information: multiply ( amps x volts = watts).

The frequency per second at which your electrical outlets operate. ( In the U.S. 60 cycles, Europe 50 cycles).


Motor manufactures recommend replacing dryer brushes after 600 hours of use or every 6 months. Depending on dryer usage.

Customers report brush sets will usually last close to one year on brand new dryers then require replacement between six to nine months thereafter. Do not wait for your dryer to blow black dust on a freshly bathed white dog. Change your dryer motor brushes or have them changed regularly by an authorized service repair shop.

If your dryer brushes are worn, the dryer may...

- Stop working
- Shut Off
- Smell (have an odor)
- Kill the motor
- Brushes may wear unevenly

If carbon brushes are worn shorter then a 1/4 inch, it's time to replace the brushes.

Also, check your dryer filters and keep clean and free of debris. If these become heavily coated with hair and/or dirt, it could reduce the air output of your dryer and cause damage to the motor. Never operate the dryer without filters in place.

Clean motor filter discs by vacuuming off hair and dirt or wash filters gently in cool water and allow to air dry completely.

EDEMCO DRYERS (How to test your dryer for non-working parts)

If the dryer is not heating it does not mean the heating element is bad. The heating element and the thermostat can be tested with a continuity meter.

The Pot Control can be tested with an ohm meter. Turned all the way up it should read between 200 – 250 ohms.

The Triac & PC Board take special machines to test them.

There are no guarantees since we do not have your parts to test them ourselves.

Please note:
Do not test the Triac until the wires are soldered and the Triac is screwed down.

Most of the time it will be the Triac that is bad. You can pull back the black plastic on the PC Board to see if the board looks burnt. There are no guarantees since we do not have the parts to test them ourselves. If you do replace the Triac the wires do have to be soldered back on, not twisted with caps or tape. The Triac also has to be screwed back down to the heat sink before testing the parts. If these instructions are not followed carefully and exact, the Triac will arc and go out again.


All electric tables: It takes approximately 45 seconds to reach a height of 39 inches.
All hydraulic tables: It depends on the operator. It takes 20 to 25 pumps to reach the height of 39 inches.

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