How To Remove Dog Hair Mats

If your dog has long flowing hair, they may develop matted hair at some point. The severity of the dog hair mats will determine how easy they are to remove. Here are a few steps that will ensure their removal. Some people use baby powder, or grooming sprays like a leave in conditioner to help comb out mats.
Things You'll Need:
  • Brush
  • Scissors
  • Trimmer
Reassure your pet. Working with dog hair mats can be a long process and your dog may become antsy, or even worried, about the process. It helps to talk to your dog in a soothing voice and to keep them distracted from what’s going on. This not only calms him, but makes it easier to remove the dog hair mats.
Carefully brush their fur. If the dog hair mats are quite small, you will be able to simply brush them out. This doesn’t mean you should brush your pet as normal though. Instead, hold the base of the hair mats, closest to the dog’s body and gently brush the hair until all the tangles are gone. By holding the base of the hair mat, you ensure that your dog doesn’t feel any pain.
Step 3
Get out the scissors. Some dog hair mats can be difficult to remove. If you can get under the mat, it helps to just go ahead and cut it out. This may mean having to cut your dog’s hair short for the first time, but at least they’ll be tangle free.
Step 4
Remove them with a dog hair trimmer. The only way to remove the most stubborn dog hair mats is to use a trimmer. A trimmer will be able to remove mats that are very close to the skin. It is very important to work carefully though or you could seriously hurt your pet.

Step 5
Visit a groomer. Sometimes it is simply too hard to remove dog hair mats on your own. This is when you want to seek the help of a professional. A professional groomer will not only be able to remove stubborn mats, but they will also be able to make your dog look beautiful.

- Treats help keep your pet calm as you remove dog hair mats.

- If you’re not careful, you will give your pet razor burn when using a trimmer to remove matted hair.