Short Haired Dog Need Grooming Too!


Short Haired Dogs Need Grooming Too



Article By: Sarah Drouin, NCMG  |  Pet Tech CPR Certified  |  Award Winning Stylist  |  The Plush Pooch – Landenberg, Pa.

“Oh, you groom dogs? That is really neat.  I have a Black Lab, so he does not need grooming!”  As a professional pet stylist, that is a conversation I have on a daily basis.  Short haired dogs, like Labrador Retrievers, need regular grooming too!  Most people assume that just because their dog has a smooth, short coat, that they do not need a professional groomer. A quick bath outside with a garden hose and any shampoo should do the trick.  Right?

Well, not exactly….short haired dogs need grooming too! Every dog is different and requires different types of grooming!  While a Shih Tzu or a Yorkie need a haircut because their hair grows continuously, other breeds such as Labrador Retrievers, American Staffordshire Terriers, Great Danes, etc…grow hair to a point, it stops, then eventually it dies off. As a matter of fact, the shorter the hair, the shorter the life cycle of the hair.  What does that mean? While a few layers are shedding off onto your floor, couch, or clothes, there are many other hairs growing in different cycles to take their place.  This is a continuous cycle. This cycle is why short haired dogs have short hair.  However, they do need regular grooming for their skin and coat to stay smooth, shiny, and in great condition.  Professional groomers can accelerate the shedding process in the grooming salon to remove any loose coat. That means more coat in the grooming salon and less on your kitchen floor!

Now, what exactly does regular grooming mean?  How regular is regular grooming? Every dog, like every person is different. Every coat is different too. In order to keep the skin, coat, ears, and nails in good condition and healthy, every 4 weeks is an excellent schedule for your short haired dog.