PolyPetTub 48" Standard Bather

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PolyPetTub 48" Standard Bather
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Professional quality tubs that offer an innovative, attractive, practical alternative to stainless steel or other materials. Strong enough to securely hold a family of 5! Has excellent impact resistance and does not dent. In fact, during tests we gave corners firm blows with a 2x4, and dropped a tub from a height of over 14 feet, and there was no noticeable damage! Includes tub, faucet/plumbing kit, levelers, floor mat, tub legs and restraint bars.

All joints are fully welded and watertight, so no caulking is used. Joints are as strong as the material itself. Bolts and nuts, leg levelers, etc. are stainless steel. These tubs are covered by a full one-year warranty to be free of defects in materials and workmanship. Excellent resistance to most chemicals, including chlorine bleach, ammonia, alcohol, and most acids. Molecular makeup of material makes surfaces even easier to rinse off. Resists scum/bacteria buildup, as practically nothing sticks well to it. Even permanent marker, paint, glues, construction adhesives, caulking, and silicone come off after drying for 24 hours!

Poly Pet Tubs are made from FDA, USDA, and NSF Approved, as well as RoHS Compliant polymer that is nontoxic, odorless, and tasteless. Resistant against bacteria and scum buildup. Polyethylene material makes exterior simpler to rinse off and keep clean than stainless steel. Tremendous resistance to most chemicals, including alcohol, ammonia, chlorine bleach, and most acids. Because of it’s polyethylene make up, and there is no noise from metal on objects such as hoses, sprayer heads, doors , dryer nozzles, etc. that can scare dogs and aggravate people. Superb impact resistance and does not dent. Testing procedures included corners firm blows with a 2x4, and dropping a tub from a height of over 14 feet, with no evidence of damage!

- View Pet Tub Specs
- View OPTIONAL Faucet Specs
- Outer Dimensions: 48" long, 24" wide, 40" tall back and side splash walls, 14" front splash wall.
- Seam Welds: Fully Welded. Each seam is completely welded (not spot welded or caulked).
- Legs/Levelers: Sturdy legs with adjustable, non-skid levelers.
- Splash Walls: High back splash walls to better contain water and hair.
- 1/2" thick rubber floor mat.
- Construction: Durable high-density polyethylene.
- Stain and odor resistant. Will not, rust, corrode, or tarnish.

- Port Holes/Drain: Double-drain and faucet port holes on choice of left or right side. 8" on center water port holes. Provides twice the drainage.

- Floor Mat: 1/2" thick rubber mat attaches to tub floor to prevent sliding, yet is easily lifted for cleaning. Provides secure, comfortable footing for dogs to stand on.
Mat also allows water and debris to run off so animal isn't standing in it. Eliminates need for a floor grate, and provides easy to clean, safe surface (e.g., no holes for claws to get caught in). Space around mat contributes to good drainage.

- Restraint Bars: Bulges allow secure attachment to various points for better positioning of dogs. Large diameter makes releasing and moving restraint much easier.

FAUCET KIT and SMALL DOG PLATFORM shown below (sold separately)

T&S Brass Faucet/Plumbing Kit: (TS-PG8WREV)
Includes a high-quality T&S Brass faucet (with vacuum breaker), hose, sprayer, sprayer holder, and 2 stainless-steel drains and strainers.

- Lightweight for easy, all-day use
- Coiled polyurethane hose which stretches up to 9'
- Tub or wall-mounted mixing faucet.
- Automatic shut-off valve.
- Hook which holds sprayer when not in use.
- 1/2” NPT female inlets with 8" centers.
- Built-in spring checks prevent cross flow of water.
- Built-in vacuum breaker (generally required by code).

Small Dog Platform:
- Dimensions: 20" W x 6" H x 13.5 Depth (front to back)
- Elevates small dogs for easier bathing.



Poly Pet Tubs and Accessories ship directly from the manufacturer in New York.

Please allow a 5-7 week lead time for Poly Pet Tubs to ship. Poly Pet Tubs are not stocked by the manufacturer or any distributor, which means they are manufactured upon order. 

Once the tub is ready to ship, please allow an additional 2-5 days for delivery. Tubs ship via freight. 

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Residential Business Freight Delivery - Businesses that operate from a residential address.

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