Flying Pig 62" Stainless Pet Tub w/Ramp, Faucet Kit, Grate, Bottle Holder

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This FP702 stainless steel pet tub is designed to handle the toughest of furry friends. Made of rust resistant 16-gauge stainless steel. Backsplash and side splashes can be removed for greater versatility and feature waterproof seals for when it is assembled for normal use. Features 2 piece removable floor grate. Grate can be adjusted to higher and lower levels to accommodate both large and small breeds. Features a roomy 21" wide door to accommodate large breeds. Door is easy to open and securely locks closed and contains watertight seals to keep water in and from leaking out. Stainless steel ramp designed to help guide dogs into the tub. Features stainless textured ramp and rubber levelers to prevent slippage.

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- Plumbing: Right or Left
- Material: 16-gauge 304 stainless steel
- Tub Wash Area: 20" deep
- Dimensions: 62"L x 24"W (front to back) x 58" H
- Height (From Top of Wash Area Basin to Floor): 36"
- Height (From Bottom of Basin to Floor): 16.5"

Water Ports, Drain and Ramp Locations:
The door entrance and ramp will be opposite of the water ports and drain. Facing the tub, if you order right water ports and drain, the door entrance and ramp will be located on the left side. If you order left water ports and drain, the door entrance and ramp will be located on the right side.

Tub Construction:
Made of rust resistant 16-gauge 304 stainless steel. Fully welded tub area. Size 50" Wide x 24" Depth (front to back). Ship weight 250 lbs.

Door and Ramp:
Features a 21" wide door to accommodate large breeds. Easy in, easy out! Door is smooth and easy to open and securely locks closed when shut. Door entry contains watertight seals to keep water in and from leaking out. Stainless steel no slip ramp designed to help guide dogs into the tub. Ramp pushes under tub when not in use. Easily pull out to use. Rubber levelers to prevent slippage and uneven floors. Ramp pulls out 22 inches into the room.

Includes 2 removable grates to accommodate large and small breeds. Grates can be raised for smaller breeds or both used on bottom of tub as a floor grate for large breeds.

Includes a Drain, Hair Trap, Faucet, Flexible Hose and Sprayer and 2 flexible hoses that runs from faucet to your wall plumbing. Size of each hose 60" length x 1/2" diameter.

Complete Faucet Kit:
- Easy to install and simple to use.
- Sprayer comes with lock on function makes washing more easy.
- 6" faucet (6" from center to center).
- Faucet comes with hot and cold water hose.
- Includes stainless steel bottle, towel or tool rack.
- All installation accessories included.

Grooming Arm and Loops:
Overhead Arm (included): Constructed from stainless steel, the overhead arm can be detached and adjusted to several configurations. Also includes 2 grooming loops. One flexible rubber drain hose is provided for Temporarily use only.

Accessories Included:
1 faucet and sprayer with flexible hose and sprayer holder, 1 drain, 1 hair-trap, 2 flexible hoses for faucet plumbing, 2 grates, 1 adjustable grooming arm, 2 grooming loops and 1 stainless shampoo bottle holder rack.

Assembly: Back and side splash walls will need to be installed onto tub if you choose to install them.

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