Petlift 58" Aqua Quest Pet Bath w/Roll-Out Ramp, TS Faucet, Bottle Holder, Grate, Hair Trap - Pkg Deal!

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The AquaQuest Tub by PetLift has truly set the standard for all others to follow. The AquaQuest was the very first walk-in tub engineered and developed for the professional grooming industry! This animal bath is used by more professionals worldwide because of its unique and ground-breaking design that focuses on the exact needs of each groomer and their animals. Cove molded edges increase tub wall integrity. This finely crafted 16-gauge stainless steel tub allows for easy walk-in ability for larger animals with a convenient ramp that extends and withdraws into the face of the tub. Both the ramp and the slide-away stainless steel door allow easy access, but even more so, can be operated with one hand allowing the groomer to safely and efficiently handle each pet. The Petlift 58" Aqua Quest Stainless Pet Bath with Roll-Out Portable Ramp, Door, Bottle Holder, Floor Grate, Hair Trap and 8" T&S Faucet. Technically speaking, the AquaQuest raises the bar!

How do I choose where I want my water ports and drain?
Imagine yourself standing, facing the front of the tub. Choose right or left water ports for your faucet and drain location. The ramp will be located on the opposite side of the the water ports and drain. Therefore, if you want right water ports and drain, the ramp will be on the left. If you want left water ports and drain, the ramp will be on the right.

- View Tub Measurements with 8" Faucet Water Ports
- Construction: 16 gauge 304 all stainless steel tub. FULLY WELDED, seamless
- Weight Limit: Accommodates breeds up to 300 LBS
- Inside Dimensions: 58" W x 57" High x 15" Deep X 23" Front to Back
- Outside Dimensions: 60" W x 57" High x 15" Deep X 25" Front to Back
- Front Panels: Double reinforced front panels
- Moulding: Cove molding on all edges
- Water Port Holes: 8" faucet water port holes
- Ramp: Telescoping full extension ramp with non-slip rubber padding
- Door: Removable stainless steel front door with handle, lifts up from opening.
- Restraint Hooks: 2 types of animal restraints
- Restraint Bar: 1 tie out bar with floating ring and 2 eye hooks)
- Levelers: Four bolt down adjustable feet
- Warranty: 10 years

Includes T&S Brass 8" Wall Mount Faucet - (B-2308)
- View Faucet Specs
- View 12" Swing Nozzle Specs
- View Faucet Base
- View Faucet Submittal

- 8" on wall mounted mixing faucet
- Newly designed spray valve with 1.42 gpm
- Cartridge-Spindle, 1/4 Turn Compression
- Add on faucet with 12" swing nozzle with 55.64th male threads
- 6.8 foot flexible stainless steel hose
- Angle spray head with on/off squeeze handle is attached directly to the end of the hose
- Atmospheric Vacuum breaker
- Lever Style Handles
- Wall hook holds hose when not in use
- 1/2" NPT female eccentric flanged inlets
- Built-in spring checks prevent cross flow of water

- EPAct2005 (Public Law 109-58)
- City of Los Angeles
- Commonwealth of Massachusetts
- ASTM F2324
- California Energy Commission CEC-400 (Plumbing)

Includes Petlift 32oz Bottle Holder - (PL-810-4)
All Stainless Steel Bottle Holder. 19 Gauge stainless steel holder, holds four 32oz. bottles. Hangs on the back of the dog bather.

Includes Floor Grate - (PL-A80-HR2-58SS)
Animal bath rack. Wire steel rack has tightly spaced grids and provide a comfortable secure clean surface. Keeps animal out of standing water, and cuts rinsing and drying time. Primer and double powder coating prevent corrosion. 49" long x 21.5" wide (front to back) x 2" high.

Includes Petlift Smartway HAIR TRAP Interceptor - (PL-625)
PetLift HAIR TRAP prevents clogging of traps and sewer pipes. Features a revolutionary CLEAN OUT CYLINDER that traps the hair and easily lifts out from the top of the drain for easy cleaning. Easy to install eliminates the trouble of crawling under tubs to clean messy traps and costly plumbing bills. Includes drain.

- View Hair Trap Interceptor Specs in PDF Format
- View Hair Trap Interceptor Short Animation

Optional Shelf:
The AquaShelf conveniently keeps towels, shampoo bottles, and tub accessories within easy reach during bathing. Made of 16 gauge 304 grade stainless steel this shelf easily installs on top of the backsplash wall.

Shelf Height: 9"
Shelf Depth: 10" (front to back)

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