Petlift 58" Classic LE Indoor/Outdoor Pet Tub

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Petlift has been trusted for over 40 years for quality, performance and workmanship! Petlift products are made in the USA and are ISO certified. Fabricated with heavy duty 16 gauge stainless steel. Perfect for indoor or outdoor areas. Plumbing on right or left side. Four back wall eye hooks, and sprayer hook. A tub professionally welded. Nice clean look. Petlift 58" Classic LE Indoor/Outdoor Pet Tub.

The most economical stainless steel tub in the PetLift lineup. The Classic LE Series tubs are engineered with the same quality and attention to detail that you've come to expect from PetLift! One sheet of stainless steel is formed into the front panel, tub floor and back panel eliminating any seams. The Classic LE has a matte finish exterior. This tub is ideal for indoor/outdoor use as well as applications with reclaimed or recycled water systems. Fully welded, fully enclosed stainless steel tub that accommodates breeds up to 200 pounds.

Note: Does not include a Faucet or Floor Grate.

- Pet Tub Dimensions/Specs
- Construction: Fully Welded. Seamless to prevent water leakage
- Dimensions: 58" Wide X 57" High x 15 Deep X 24.5" Depth (front to back)
- Finish: Stainless steel matte finish
- Levelers: Adjustable feet
- Weight: 200 lbs
- Assembly: Fully assembled and ready to install
- Water Port Holes: 4" or 8" faucet water port holes. Drain located under water port holes.
- Warranty: 10 years

How do I choose where I want my water ports and drain?
Imagine yourself standing, facing the front of the tub. Your right hand will be on the right side of the tub and your left hand will be on the left side of the tub. This is how you choose the water ports and drain location to your needs.





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